San Diego County Market Update | August 2020

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Check out the San Diego Real Estate Market in the chart below!  The August data becomes available September 1st.  Inventory is low and as may be expected, sales numbers are less than last year. Despite the COVID crisis, deals are still closing!  Forecasters expect that some people preparing to buy or sell a home this year have put those plans on hold while the health and economic situation stabilizes. Due to the small inventory of available homes on the market, new listings are selling quite successfully!  Buying or Selling a home can be accomplished almost entirely on-line now in the virtual environment to minimize health risks to all parties if so desired.  We've come a long way with technology to make this process easier and safer for everyone. Call me and I'll be glad to explain in detail the current Real Estate market and provide information specific to your interests.  Real estate still has strong investment potential.  I will review your your Real Estate Investment goals with you and help in any way I can with buying or selling property.     

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San Diego Real Estate Sales Statistics August